Wednesday, September 17
redpepper’s Nate Fleming presents: a Holistic approach to Communicating in the Digital Age

Technologies that offer new ways to reach audiences are emerging at light speed. Keeping up with the digital age as a marketer doesn’t require super powers, though. The fundamentals of marketing, advertising and branding remain the same as always. Success in this new era begins by thinking of “new media” as an expanded menu of ways to interact with people in ways that fit their personal interests and preferences. This talk highlights how best to leverage popular digital and social channels as an essential part of a broader, overall marketing and communications effort that includes any and all media.

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In this presentation, you’ll find out…

  • The fundamentals of marketing, advertising, and branding remain the same
  • Ways to interact with people that fit their personal interests and preferences
  • How to rethink “new media”

Nate- HeadshotAbout the presenter…

Nate Fleming - Strategic Guru

Nate Fleming, a creative strategist and one of the founding fathers at redpepper, provides keen insights into why we humans do what we do. He has a way of delving into the mindset of a new target audience and building solid strategic foundations for redpepper’s next project. He has delivered insightful keynotes, led workshops and moderated panels for the Social Media Strategies Summit in Boston and the Nashville Business Journal’s Crash Course in Marketing seminar. His insights have also made their way to, and the highly trafficked industry blog, Adrants. When he’s not developing a new brand strategy, you can find Nate in the kitchen cooking up a delicious meal. He also doubles as a great musician, actor and photographer.

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IABC Nashville Mid-Year Report
Julie Davis, President

Julie Davis head shotDear IABC Nashville,

The half-way point of the calendar year is a good moment to reflect on what we have accomplished and where we are headed. Now is the time to thank my fellow board members for their great work on behalf of the chapter (without letting them off the hook for the rest of the year). And now is the time to encourage more of you to join the adventure of active participation in chapter leadership! You’ll gain skills and friendships that become quite important down the line.

If you haven’t yet visited IABC Nashville’s newly launched website, please do so today! Several members have let me know how much they appreciate the improved functionality as well as design. We have president-elect Jennifer Fuqua and past president Mike Machak to thank for their vision, and for putting in the time and energy to make this happen. If you are looking to build your social media skills, consider assisting the IABC Nashville communications team with website or other social media property management projects. And if you want to develop professional publishing credentials, consider writing about the communications industry and your experiences on our blog.

You’ll be pleased to know that the recent vote on the updated chapter bylaws resulted in approval, with 46% of the membership voting. This exceeded the requirement for participation contained in the bylaws. If you voted, thank you. If you did not, thank you for your confidence in the rest of the membership to make a good decision. And let’s hear a round of applause for the bylaws subcommittee of the board of directors – Jennifer Fuqua, director-at-large Paul Ladd, and especially chapter secretary Phil Matisak – for detailed and, at times, tedious work. While I enjoyed my part as a member of this sub-committee and learned from the process, I’m glad that we have a few years now before we have to revisit the bylaws again!

We’ve had some robust and popular speakers and topics at our monthly professional development meetings, and I am very much looking forward to spending some casual time with you at our Mixer, scheduled for Tuesday, August 26th at Bar Louie in The Gulch. Bring friends and professional colleagues so they have an opportunity to get to know more about this organization that brings so much to so many.


Julie sig 2

Julie K. Davis
IABC Nashville

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August Blog
Business Development
Pam Eldridge, VP of Finance

Business Development – It’s all about communication!

I was invited to an IABC meeting in Nashville a few years ago and reluctantly went. Yep, I was one of those who thought it just wasn’t for me. Three years later I’m still attending, and now I am a very active member.

I’ve been in business development for most of my career and it is ALL about communication. In preparing for that first contact with someone who I don’t know, I’m intensely strategic. I do my homework; I don’t just pick up the phone cold-turkey. There must be a ‘connection point’ to strike up a conversation. Not unlike meeting someone for the very first time and striking up a conversation.


I have three rules for business development:

  • They have to like you (well enough to want to spend time with you)
  • They have to trust you (you do what you say you will do)
  • You must be pleasantly persistent (never be a nag!)

In this ever-changing world of social media clutter, many ask me has business development changed. Not really. Although it might be harder to see people face-to-face, there is still a need to connect and make eye contact. You will never gain a solid business partnership without connecting on a personal level first. As a life-long communicator, that’s still my number one rule: connecting with people! And that’s what IABC is all about, too. Connecting and growing professionally. We meet monthly and always have an incredible speaker who challenges us to grow professionally and become better communicators.

Come check us out every third Wednesday at Maggiano’s, located at 3106 West End Avenue. Visit IABC Nashville and register for our August Mixer networking event now. You’ll be glad you did!

Pam Eldridge
Owner, Connexon Partners

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July Blog
Networking Made Easy
Isadora Blanche, VP of Events

Isadora BlancheSummer Might Be Cooling Down But Don’t Forget To Keep Your Network HOT!

The summer season can be slow for many industries with associates and clients taking vacations and children being out of school. Some would think that this is an opportunity to take a vacation from networking, but in reality this slow season is the perfect opportunity to heat things up. Utilizing tools to reach out to existing contacts and establish new connections are vital practices in maintaining a current and strong professional network.

Keep your network sizzlin’…

Use Your Bag of Tricks
Summer is filled with more leisure activities and vacations which provide common ground for people to connect. As communicators our lives are becoming more social on a professional and personal level. Employing social media platforms (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) is instrumental in keeping up with connections and opens the door for conversation initiators. Whether it’s traveling, children’s activities or weekend plans, use that knowledge to your advantage to either re-establish a line of communication with an existing contact or initiate a new relationship.

Bridge the Gap
Let’s be honest. Networking is awkward and often filled with the same conversational points. We are all tired of discussing the weather. Seriously. By using your bag of tricks to acquire inside knowledge, you are now equipped with personal information to change the conversation and build more solid connections. Don’t be afraid to have fun with networking while keeping things professional…find common interests and invest in yourself. Your contacts will be able to tell the difference!

Let’s Get Social
Professionals are becoming less focused on the grind and more interested on a frozen drink at the end of the week (with or without the little umbrella). This casual mindset is great for mixers and networking events. People are open and more likely to drop by an after-hours event during the summer season. If you want to minimize your time spent and maximize your connections made, be sure to attend events hosted by a variety of organizations. For example, the IABC mixer in August (wink, wink).

Join IABC Nashville August 26 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Bar Louie for an after-hours mixer. LEARN MORE. Take a break from your routine, gather with colleagues, and meet other professional communicators working in and around Nashville. Food and cash bar. REGISTER NOW

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Meet the IABC Nashville
2014 Executive Board


The IABC Nashville Executive Leadership is here to serve you. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us if we can be of service. We welcome communication from our IABC membership or anyone interested in becoming an IABC Nashville member.

Julie Davis, Brookdale Senior Living, Inc.

Past President and Senior Delegate
Mike Machak, Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

President Elect
Jennifer Fuqua, Meridian Surgical Partners

Phil Matisak, ABC, UPS (retired)

Vice President of Finance
Pam Eldridge, Connexon Partners

Vice President of Membership
Misty Moore, Brookdale Senior Living, Inc.

Vice President of Events
Isadora Blanche, Baird

Vice President of Communications
K. Dawn Rutledge, Tennessee State University

Vice President of Professional Development
Jennifer Fuqua, Meridian Surgical Partners

Vice President of Education/Student Chapters
Paul Lindsley, ABC, Sullivan Branding

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