Mix It Up for the Holidays!

Colorful Christmas Tree OrnamentsCelebrate the season!

Join IABC Nashville for a Holiday Mixer  on Tuesday, December 2 at StagePost Studios.

Enjoy appetizers, drinks, and time to mingle with friends and colleagues.

If you experience any issues with the registration system, please contact Jennifer Fuqua at jennifermfuqua@yahoo.com 

Admission is free with a donation of a canned or non-perishable food item for Second Harvest Food Bank.

When: Tuesday December 2, 2014
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM CST Add to Calendar

Where: StagePost Studios
255 French Landing Drive Nashville 37228
Limited tickets available….

Sponsored byStagePost 2014 logo with Slogan Electric Results Driven Media

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November Program: Jamie Bradley, Emma

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Affinion Group of Franklin Tennessee

Affinion Group of Franklin, Tennessee is seeking a Communications Lead. The ideal candidate will play a central and key role within Affinion’s Insurance business. They will assist in the implementation of a communications strategy to promote the image and competencies of the Insurance line of business to all constituencies, both internal and external. The position involves working closely with the internal departments and Affinion’s PR department to develop materials and communication initiatives to reach clients and partners in a creative and effective manner.

Affinion Group is seeking a skilled specialist with exceptional verbal and written communication skills who can work under pressure and meet deadlines. Success in this position depends on superior organization and time management skills, and has the ability to help frame Affinion’s positioning in the insurance market space. This individual takes ownership of complex work assignments and is able to determine best in class methods and procedures to accomplish communication assignments.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the position responsibilities and how to apply.

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Job Title: Manager, Communications
Job Family: Associate Communications
Job Code: 101150
FLSA Status: Exempt
EEO Category: First/Mid-Level Officials
Reports To: Director/Sr. Director/VP, Communications
Type of Community: Corporate
Date: November 2014

Job Summary

Creates and manages effective, high-quality internal communication plans and other deliverables to support Brookdale’s strategic goals, associate engagement, mission, culture and brand. Builds strong relationships and partners with business functional leaders to support their success and influence effective communication from all business areas. Ensures organization’s overall mission, culture, strategic objectives, and key messages are communicated accurately, effectively, and consistently to internal audiences.


Essential Functions

  1. Oversees creation of key deliverables of corporate communication plan, including the creation and execution of Human Resources strategic communications plan for benefits, workers’ compensation, general human resources, compensation and HRIS.
  2. Develops, manages and implements effective communication plans and processes to fully engage associates around business strategies and goals, mission, culture and brand.
  3. Identifies and addresses change management needs as it relates to assigned communications and business initiatives.
  4. Evaluates, recommends, and manages technology platform and vehicles needed to measure effectiveness of communication plan. Tracks and measures effectiveness of internal communication strategies.
  5. Identifies communication issues, develops clear, concise key messages and content and uses appropriate vehicles to support initiatives.
  6. Leads and manages strategic communication projects with key stakeholders and executives in cross functional areas. Successfully produces user-friendly communication products for complex programs to meet the needs of varied audience segments.
  7. Researches, writes and disseminates organizational announcements and various program support materials.
  8. Researches, writes, edits and proofreads text for print and web use.
  9. Engages leadership teams to identify opportunities to improve associate engagement, company performance, cohesion and culture related to assigned projects and initiatives.
  10. Identifies and addresses communications opportunities to develop workforce as brand champions.
  11. Oversees Creative Marketing on design and printing jobs to support communication plans. Ensures all materials reflect company culture and branding, as well as hits targets for audience and key messages. Manages delivery and distribution of materials to associates as needed.
  12. Creates presentations and supports large-scale associate meetings.
  13. Assists with company events, charitable events and activities, and company-wide giving projects.
  14. Participates in training, in services and attends meetings when required.

This job description represents an overview of the responsibilities for the above referenced position.  It is not intended to represent a comprehensive list of responsibilities.  An associate should perform all duties as assigned by his /her supervisor.

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in communications or related field from a four-year college and five or more years of related experience in employee, organizational, and/or internal human resources communications; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Certifications, Licenses, and other Special Requirements



Management/Decision Making

Applies existing guidelines and procedures where applicable and develops new processes or vehicles as needed to meet the needs of projects. Uses sound judgment and experience to solve complex problems based on organizational needs and business standards.


Knowledge and Skills

Possesses extensive knowledge of a distinct skill or function and a thorough understanding of the organization and work environment. Has working knowledge of a functional discipline. Customer service attitude and commitment to supporting company culture and mission. Self-directed with the ability to meet deadlines under pressure. Track record of successful project management. Excellent interpersonal communication skills and the ability to prioritize multiple projects. Superior writing, editing and proofreading skills for print and web required. Ability to write to level and diversity of audience and use original or innovative techniques or style. Solid command of Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook and Adobe Acrobat. Understands graphic design and marketing concepts. Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions. Ability to respond effectively to sensitive inquiries or complaints.


Candidates should visit the Brookdale website to apply: http://www.brookdalecareers.com/


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November Blog

 Is your career stuck in a rut?

2014_Misty_Moore_2Can your professional presence help advance your career? According to Debra “D.A.” Benton, it can. As a working mom in my mid-thirties, I like so many other working parents, struggle to be a good parent while working to advance my career. When I reached out to a former supervisor for advice, she handed me Benton’s book. A long flight to Phoenix afforded the time to read it.

Now more than two decades old, “Lions Don’t Need to Roar” is filled with tips and tactics for fine-tuning your presence and performance to stand out, fit in and get ahead. In the book, Benton bases much of her advice on personal experiences and path to advancing her career. She adds credibility to her guidance by citing examples and quotes she gathered from more than 100 chiefs representing various industries.

Before exploring the countless ways one can improve their presence, Benton emphasizes she is not suggesting readers become someone else, but rather become a more conscious, purposeful and positive version of themself. She also notes many of these skills and behaviors can be learned and polished.

The book is divided into three parts. The first focuses on standing out and making an impact. The second emphasizes the importance of fitting in. And, the third centers on how to fully develop one’s abilities and talents.

In Part One, Benton focuses on making a good first impression, especially within the first four crucial minutes. Some suggestions include making eye contact instead of lowering your gaze when passing others in the hallway, keeping a relaxed jaw (and jaw and feet), and pausing when making an entrance. She also suggests you maintain good posture, use a pleasant-assertive voice, and most importantly, listen.

In Part Two, Benton explores the art of relating and fitting in and interacting with others. Some ways you can do that is by building relationships, telling stories (including sharing personal experiences) and employing humor.Lion

One of the most powerful illustrations of employing humor was an anecdote shared by one of the chiefs she interviewed. In his story, the CEO talked about a couple who lost their home to the arson fires that caused millions in damages in Santa Barbara during the summer of 1990. Upon returning home, they noticed the only thing standing was a door frame with a deadbolt mechanism still intact. As they walked away that day, the husband turned to his wife and said, “Don’t forget to lock up dear.” Priceless!

In the final chapters of the book, Benton explains how to use “guts” and “smarts” to get ahead. She describes guts as a combination of confidence, courage, conviction, stick-to-it-iveness (my favorite), to name a few. She stresses the importance of having courage to make decisions and take risks. One chief said, “There is a huge difference between being number one and number two. Number one is a decision maker.”

Overall, Benton’s “Lions Don’t Need to Roar” offers countless ways to improve, or at least become more aware of our professional presence. As communicators, we have to make an impact (stand out) and relate to others (fit in) to be successful. The insight and examples Benton shares in her book relate well to our profession. I hope a few resonate with you, and that you will apply them when the opportunity arises.

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