Gold Quill Awards

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The Gold Quill Awards are the world’s premier awards program for communicators. Be recognized for your hard work and creative brilliance and join the realm of globally renowned professionals. The Gold Quill Awards are different from other communication awards programs. Simply entering gives you value, as you’ll receive quality feedback from trained international evaluators, all of whom are working professionals in the communication field.

And, should you win, you’ll become part of the Gold Quill galaxy—a stellar lineup of communication all-stars who’ve used strategy, creativity, measurement and innovation to take the communication profession out of this world.

The Call for Entries provides everything you need to know about the divisions and categories you can enter, as well as information about this year’s changes to the program and helpful tips on how to enter. Take a look at the overview of divisions and categories below.

Division 1: Communication Research Management

Entries in this division recognize the importance of research and measurement as a foundation for strategic communication work and a competency that’s integral to success throughout the career of a communication professional.

  1. Internal Communication Research
  2. Internal Communication Measurement
  3. External Communication Research
  4. External Communication Measurement
  5. Research Innovation
  6. Communication Research Management, Student Entry

Division 2: Communication Management

This division focuses on strategic communication planning and execution of internal, external and integrated programs.

  1. Internal Communication
  2. Employee Engagement
  3. Leadership Communication
  4. Safety Communication
  5. Human Resources and Benefits Communication
  6. Change Communication
  7. Government Relations
  8. Community Relations
  9. Media Relations
  10. Customer Relations
  11. Advertising Campaigns
  12. Marketing Communication
  13. Corporate Social Responsibility
  14. Advocacy Communication
  15. International Communication
  16. Issues Management and Crisis Communication
  17. Government Communication Programs
  18. Nonprofit Campaigns
  19. Brand Communication
  20. Social Media Programs
  21. Multi-Audience Communication
  22. Financial Communication
  23. Communication Management, Student Entry

Division 3: Communication Training and Education

This division recognizes the mentorship and education role of consultants and senior communicators in developing and delivering workshops, classes, seminars or training that educates an audience about any aspect of the communication profession. This division includes all communication disciplines and professional competencies.

  1. Internal Communication Training
  2. External Communication Training
  3.  Institutional Communication Training
  4. Communication Education Tools
  5. Communication Training and Education, Student Entry

Division 4: Communication Skills

The communication skills division includes marketing and communication elements that showcase technical skills such as editing, writing, design and multimedia production. Entries in this division are generally tactical in nature. Entrants must demonstrate strategic alignment, the creative process and measurable results.

  1. Digital Communication Vehicles
  2. Digital Communication Channels
  3. Audio/Visual
  4. Publications
  5. Publication Design
  6. Other Graphic Design
  7. Special Events – Internal
  8. Special Events – External
  9. Photography Within a Communication Vehicle
  10. Marketing, Advertising and Sales Vehicles
  11. Public Service Announcements
  12. Writing
  13. Communication Skills, Student Entry
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