September Blog
Career Transition
Mike Machak, Past President

MIke Machak NEWAlways Believe in Yourself and Stay Focused

We’ve all been there. It’s the day at the office when you discover it’s your last day. In my case recently, while it came with a severance package, the prospects of engaging with the job market again seemed daunting.

I immediately followed a course recommended by a colleague, and reached out to everyone I know. Thankfully, in the association of fellow communicators with IABC Nashville, I was never at a loss of getting leads, referrals and recommendations.

With my network engaged, and revised resume and cover letter in place, I hit the ground running.

It’s didn’t take long before I secured a five month freelance opportunity to help a Nashville based national brand update its image on the web. It proved to be an amazing project to put my writing and storytelling ability to work in a way I never did before.  In a matter of weeks, the company’s new image and rebranding began to take shape. They were thrilled and so was I.

Simultaneously, IABC Nashville embarked on its own online update and move to a new WordPress website. With time to take on another project, I helped manage the process of creating and moving original content to the new platform. I’d never done anything like it before. It’s LIVE today and looks fantastic.

On a more personal level, during this time of transition I followed through on a dream to become a certified personal trainer. In June, I successfully passed the test, and in July, I began working with my first client.

July was also the month in which I secured full time employment as a communicator. And as it turns out, it’s an absolutely ideal role, bringing all my experience and skills into play. None of the other opportunities I pursued along the way can compare.

So to sum it up, over the course of this career transition, I stayed creative, gained new skills, made a lifelong dream come true, and found a new opportunity that is immensely satisfying. Looking back, it turned out to be the best career transition ever, in large part due to the help and support of colleagues, family and friends.

It’s so true what your associates say during this time — “The right opportunity will come along.”  It definitely helps to have that team of supporters behind you, and who will remind you to always believe in yourself and stay focused.

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