Career Posting Guidelines

IABC Nashville provides a complementary job posting service on our website for employers recruiting in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky.  We provide this service as a courtesy, and do not recommend or endorse jobs or companies, nor can we guarantee the accuracy of information. Inquiries should be made directly to the posting organization.

If you would like to post on IABC | Nashville, posting submissions should include the following materials: MS Word or PDF containing the company name, job description and requirements, contact info, application instructions (URL), and deadline to remove post, if less than four weeks. A company logo (JPEG file) is also required. Please submit copy the exact way you want it posted online. IABC is not responsible proofreading or editing.

Posts will be active on the website for 4 weeks unless otherwise noted. When a position is initially posted, it will also appear on IABC Nashville’s Facebook and Twitter feed.  As time permits, current postings will also be included in announcements during monthly events.

Send submissions to Gene Bouleware, VP Professional Development

(No Current listings)

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