July 2014

Isadora BlancheJULY BLOG POST
By: Isadora Blanche, VP of Events

Networking Made Easy:
Summer Might Be Cooling Down But Don’t Forget To Keep Your Network HOT!

The summer season can be slow for many industries with associates and clients taking vacations and children being out of school. Some would think that this is an opportunity to take a vacation from networking, but in reality this slow season is the perfect opportunity to heat things up. Utilizing tools to reach out to existing contacts and establish new connections are vital practices in maintaining a current and strong professional network.

Keep your network sizzlin’…

Use Your Bag of Tricks
Summer is filled with more leisure activities and vacations which provide common ground for people to connect. As communicators our lives are becoming more social on a professional and personal level. Employing social media platforms (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) is instrumental in keeping up with connections and opens the door for conversation initiators. Whether it’s traveling, children’s activities or weekend plans, use that knowledge to your advantage to either re-establish a line of communication with an existing contact or initiate a new relationship.

Bridge the Gap
Let’s be honest. Networking is awkward and often filled with the same conversational points. We are all tired of discussing the weather. Seriously. By using your bag of tricks to acquire inside knowledge, you are now equipped with personal information to change the conversation and build more solid connections. Don’t be afraid to have fun with networking while keeping things professional…find common interests and invest in yourself. Your contacts will be able to tell the difference!

Let’s Get Social
Professionals are becoming less focused on the grind and more interested on a frozen drink at the end of the week (with or without the little umbrella). This casual mindset is great for mixers and networking events. People are open and more likely to drop by an after-hours event during the summer season. If you want to minimize your time spent and maximize your connections made, be sure to attend events hosted by a variety of organizations. For example, the IABC mixer in August (wink, wink).

Join IABC Nashville August 26 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Bar Louie for an after-hours mixer. LEARN MORE. Take a break from your routine, gather with colleagues, and meet other professional communicators working in and around Nashville. Food and cash bar. REGISTER NOW!

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