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Steve Turney

Steve TurneyIABC/Nashville regularly highlights one of its diverse members through a Q&A feature.

This month, we are pleased to showcase Steve Turney, business development director for Ten Adams, a health care marketing firm with offices located in the greater Nashville area. Turney joined IABC earlier this year.

IABC: What is your background? TURNEY: My background is a blend of writing, technology and business development. For the past 10 years I’ve helped companies purchase marketing, advertising, and communications software and services. I’ve worked with and for marketing agencies, SaaS startups and health care companies. Right now I’m especially interested in the trifecta of CRM, E-mail Marketing and Sales/Marketing Automation, all supported by codified process and fresh content.

IABC: How did you get started in this business? TURNEY: My first job was as a sports writer and then head editor for a newspaper in Northern California. It taught me how to tell a story and generate a high volume of content on a deadline.

IABC: What is your current position and business affiliation? How long have your been in this role? TURNEY: Ten Adams is a health care-focused marketing firm. I help them find a select few new clients each year. I’ve been in this role since 2013. It’s a creative space and has been a great cultural fit for me.

IABC: What makes your business/organization stand out? TURNEY: Ten Adams knows what they’re doing and they’re well positioned, having been health care-focused since 2000. We treat ourselves as a client too, so we don’t have the cobbler’s kids challenge many agencies face.

IABC: If you could describe yourself in three (3) words, what would it be? TURNEY: Creative. Competitive. Futurist.

IABC: Tell something about yourself people would be surprised to learn. TURNEY: I used to do poetry competitions as a kid, and it helped me learn how to rap super-fast, which is like fast times 30.

IABC: What lesson(s) have your learned along the way that you believe has made you a better communications professional? TURNEY: Love yourself and other people enough to be open. Say difficult, challenging things early instead of late or never. Say it with compassion when possible.

IABC: What makes an effective communications leader? TURNEY: I think one important part of a communications leader’s job is to properly set expectations with enough lead time and enough charisma to let followers find their own inspiration and embrace the direction.

IABC: What do you feel is the greatest benefit of IABC? TURNEY: There’s a lot to like. The greatest benefit so far has been the people I’ve met.

IABC: What prompted you to join IABC? TURNEY: Jennifer Fuqua. Sales is all about follow-up. Her follow-up was perfect.

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