Say Hello to the New IABC!


Launched at the 2015 IABC World Conference held June 14-17 in San Francisco, the new logo is a visual representation of the professional tenets IABC holds dear.

It’s A First!

This is the first IABC rebranding since the professional association was founded in 1970. Why now? Because now’s the time to acknowledge the ever quickening pace of business communication’s influence—and practitioners’ interaction—across the globe.

The IABC Nashville chapter is one of 100 local chapters, representing 80 countries in eight regions, that have been charged with getting the word out about this historic change.

Russell Grossman, ABC, FRSA, and International Chair of IABC put it this way, “We have not only created a new logo, but affirmed IABC’s approach to identify, share, and apply best practices in a world where communications is increasingly a force for good in business and society.”

The Thinking Behind The New Logo

Of course, a brand is more than just a look or a logo. It’s our collective personality, and the way we communicate our unique value proposition through words and actions. It’s a promise to members, prospects, and any others we affect that we will deliver. The logo, however, is the identifying mark of the IABC brand. And the redesign of our logo was carefully considered.

The symbol consists of a circle encompassing the italic letters I, A, B, and C, which remain open at the circle’s edge. The circle represents the globe, and the openness of the letters at the edge of the circle represent IABC’s core values of transparency, connection, and community.

The taskforce also developed an extensive color palette from which all local chapters can choose in the development of their own logos. Chapters also have the flexibility to display an iconic image that represents their city or region within the logo circle.

The new IABC Nashville logo is in full rollout. We hope you like the energy and continuing momentum it represents for our local chapter…and the power it has to connect you to the global world of business communication!

The Brand Taskforce

The rebranding journey began in 2013, lead by an international group of volunteers. In partnership with Arcas Advertising, a Canadian agency specializing in branding, the team crafted an approach that is open, accessible, and professional. Said Grossman, “The updated look reflects today’s strategic positioning of IABC and represents the new face of the organization.”

Every facet of our new brand is captured in IABC’s Brand Identity Guide, also developed by the taskforce. The brand guidelines tell the IABC story consistently and powerfully around the world. It identifies our unified messaging, shared values, the tone of voice in our communications, and the colors, typography, and photography that best represent us.

In every way, our brand reinforces IABC’s objective to be the world’s business communications leader in an ever growing and changing competitive marketplace.

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IABC is Globally Connected

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