Oct. 18th – Professional Development Luncheon

Join IABC Nashville as Ryan Stout of Astute Communications leads us in a story-telling workshop. Through activities and discussion, you will gain a better understanding of how to differentiate your brand in a crowded & competitive landscape.


18th century psychologist Carl Jung found that 12 character “archetypes” remain consistent across civilization, regardless of location, time, or background. In the 1970’s this theory was pioneered for marketing and brand development, showing to engage audiences in more authentic dialogue.  

In this workshop, you will be engaging the ways the archetypes can be used to establish a brand persona and create messaging/imaging templates for coherent and consistent branded content

Ryan Stout is a Partner and Strategist at Astute Communications, a full-service digital agency in Nashville, TN. A one-time English major who transitioned to the business world, he now specializes in helping brands create marketing initiatives that are relevant, authoritative and actionable.


Join us at IABC Nashville’s October 18th Professional Development Luncheon at Maggiano’s on West End.  

Join our members, and other Mid-South communications and marketing professionals. Be seen — and see who else is in the room.

IABC is the only place to connect with communicators globally.

IABC Nashville is your passport!


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