Michael Deas, ABC, SCMP

Vice President at Large, Chapter Accreditation Coach

Michael Deas, ABC, SCMP, is at his heart a teacher and a writer… but professionally, he has never been either of those. Instead, he has poured his ability into a variety of roles over his 35-year career: editor, missionary, translator, marketing manager, corporate communications manager, and communications director. Currently, Mike is Director of Marketing at Volkert, Inc., an infrastructure engineering firm based in Franklin, Tennessee. Prior to this position, Mike was an independent consultant with I.deas Abound, LLC, a marketing communications agency that he and his wife, Colleen, owned and operated.

Mike has been a member of IABC for 23 years, a past president of IABC South Carolina, an Accredited Business Communicator since 2004, and a Strategic Communication Management Professional since 2018. Mike is also a fluent German speaker and a certified translator and interpreter.

His wide range of experience in communication roles–for companies large and small, public and private, for-profit and nonprofit, on both sides of the Atlantic, in two languages–equips him with insight on the challenges facing today’s communicators.


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